• Registration M-Cup, D-Cup CLOSING 31st Aug. Additional Reg. from 8th & 9th
  • Registration Netball, CLOSING 7th Sep. Additional Reg. from 15th & 16th
  • ALL transfers now have to be initially requested via the ISSA Transfer Clearing House, in writing!
  • After Clearing House Approval, BrawtaSports will be notified and ONLY then complete the transfer.

about brawta

Brawta Sports is an exciting first of its kind, free for users, online sports community whose mission is to unleash the power of Jamaican Sports, by acting as a clearing house for athletes/player's performance statistics.
The vision is to track and make available online to stakeholders, the sports performance statistics of athletes, coaches, clubs and other institutions for any and all publicly sanctioned athletic event, from Primary School meets to Intercollegiate Championships.
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