• ISSA Swimming Champs 2017 Registration, extended to Mon 20th Nov 5pm
  • All players moving between ISSA member schools, MUST go through the ISSA Clearing Hse
  • All players must 1st be processed by the ISSA Clearing Hse, before transfer
  • Players repeating 11th grade without x4 CSEC results, MUST 1st go through ISSA for approval

Get help now ...

... speak to any of the Brawtanistas below!

  1. BrawtaSports-Direct, 576-3059.

  2. BrawtaSports-Direct, 432-4433.

  3. Reynaldo Walcott (Coach - STETHS Tf), 570-0117 *application champion.

  4. Ava-Gaye Holmes (Coach - Green Island Tf), 453-9221 *application champion.

  5. Julian Ivy (Coach - Titchfield TF), 576-0375 *application champion.