• BGAC 2018 Event Submission Closing 8th March 2018 @ 4pm
  • Contact ISSA directly regarding athletes shown in RED!
  • Awaiting results from Manchester Field
  • Medley athletes all have to be entered at the same time, if issue use CNTRL+F5 to refresh browser
  • G C Foster Classics Results can be used for BGAC
  • G C Foster Classics Results must be declared on the 8th in writing, with your Event Submission
  • Teams have until 5pm Monday 12th Mar to report any and all issues, none will be accetpted after that time!
  • All queries must be emailed to admin@brawtasports.net

Get help now ...

... speak to any of the Brawtanistas below!

  1. BrawtaSports-Direct, 576-3059.

  2. BrawtaSports-Direct, 432-4433.

  3. Reynaldo Walcott (Coach - STETHS Tf), 570-0117 *application champion.

  4. Ava-Gaye Holmes (Coach - Green Island Tf), 453-9221 *application champion.

  5. Julian Ivy (Coach - Titchfield TF), 576-0375 *application champion.